Sileph is a young Tiran soldier of first rank.

Biography Edit

The charismatic son of a wealthy man, Sileph joined the Tiran army and quickly rose to the rank of captain despite his young age.

Enna Burning Edit

A few weeks after the Battle of Ostekin Fields, Bayern hosts a war council with Tira to discuss their intentions during the winter months. Captain Sileph reports that despite Bayern's claims that they desire peace, a Tiran camp was attacked by a fire-witch. King Geric insists that he knows nothing of such attacks, but Sileph does not give up and accuses Bayern of forming an alliance with the southern country of Yasid, which is known to have fire-witches.

Sileph takes an interest in the fierce Enna, noting that she seems to want to set the room on fire with her glare alone. Directing his question at her, she states that she knows of no Yasid fire-witches in Bayern and that there was only one fire-speaker at the Battle of Ostekin Fields, a man called Leifer, but he died in the fight and taught no one his art. Soon after, the war council concludes and the Tiran leave.