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Gender Female
Family The key-mistress (mother)
Home Kildenree
Alias Anidori

Queen of Kel

Physical Description
Hair Color Blonde/Yellow
The Goose Girl

Forest Born

Selia is the antagonist of The Goose Girl and later, Forest Born.

Biography Edit

The Goose Girl Edit

Forest Born Edit

Physical Description Edit

Selia is three hands shorter than usual and curvy, the epitome of earthly beauty. She has long blonde hair a shade darker than Ani's.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Friendship Edit

Enemies Edit

Romance Edit

Ungolad, the leader of the rebellious royal guards alongside Selia, who was killed in The Goose Girl. Geric left Ani - alias Isi, for Selia - alias Ani, having thought her the real princess, but when he found out about what she did, the prince hated her. Edit

King Scandclan, whom she marries to become the Queen of Kel.

Abilities Edit

  • people-speaking

Trivia Edit

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