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Gender Female
Family The key-mistress (mother)
Home Kildenree
Alias Anidori

Queen of Kel

Physical Description
Hair Color Blonde/Yellow
The Goose Girl

Forest Born

"You, what are you? The brat of lucky parents who were related to a childless king. There is no such thing as royal blood. I believe we are what we make ourselves, and as such, you, Crown Princess, are nothing." -Selia, to Anidori/Isi in The Goose Girl

Selia is a gifted people speaker and is corrupted by her overwhelming power because it is not balanced by any other talent. She looks much like ani but with shorter hair and darker hair.

Selia appears first in The Goose Girl, and then in Forest Born. In her first appearance, she is Anidori's lady-in-waiting and grew up as Ani's best friend. When Anidori's mother sends her off to marry the Bayern prince, Selia creates a plan to kill Ani and those faithful to her and pretends to be the Princess Anidori.

While she is masquerading as princess, her faithful followers search for Ani to get rid of her. Her many attempts to see Ani killed fail.

She also plans to convince Bayern to start a war with Kildenree, providing falsefied letters from Anidori's mother with seals Selia's mother, being key-mistress, was able to access with her position allowing her to be close to the queen. However, Ani comes to prove she is the princess and when it looks as if Selia is going to succeed and have Ani dragged through the streets in a barrel studded with nails, Ani inadvertantly allows Geric to hear Selia and the man she seduced admitting their whole plan to Ani when they thought they were in private.

She is then taken prisoner and is planned to be executed by the same brutal punishment she almost invoked on Anidori. However, she talks her way out and eventually comes back in Forest Born to attempt, yet again, to steal Ani's throne and her son Tusken, but with encouragement from people-speaker Rin, Dasha and Enna, Anidori is able to defeat her and her army of those faithful to her.

In the end, Selia tries to escape, but ends up killing herself to avoid the punishment sure to come if she gave herself over to the "fire sisters".

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