Nordra is one of Rin and Razo's nieces.

Biography Edit

Forest Born Edit

Shortly after Razo leaves for the city and when Ma is away helping a neighbor give birth, Nordra happily plays with a stick nearby her seven-year-old Aunt Rin. However, A pouty Rin demands that Nordra give her the stick. At first, Nordra refuses, but Rin says that she'll tell Ma that Nordra took it from her, and as Ma loves her daughter best, Nordra would be punished. Nordra knows it to be true, and reluctantly gives her young aunt the stick. Giddy with her success, Rin explores her persuasive powers futher by forcing Nordra to hand over her boots, hair ribbon, and doll. Although Nordra is obviously upset and crying freely, she is no match against the power of Rin's words.

Fortunately, when Ma comes back she is horrified that her daughter forced Nordra to hand over her things and caused the girl to cry without remorse. Shocked and angry, she orders Rin to give everything back with an apology.

Years later, Rinna has grown into a quiet, extremely helpful young woman. When Rinna unexpectedly decides to travel to Bayern's Capital with Razo and Dasha, the whole family, including Nordra, objects to her leaving.