Lake Meginhard is an opulent Bayern manor.

History Edit

The manor was once owned by a lord who was not very smart. Concealed behind a tapestry, he had a secret corridor built behind his throne so he could have an adviser hide there and whisper clever things for him to say. Sometime later, the manor was "generously and unwillingly" turned over to the Bayern crown.

At some point, it became tradition for the heirs to the Bayern throne to hold their weddings privately at the manor, a tradition that included the King of Bayern and his father.

The Goose Girl Edit

After Princess Anidori-Kiladra, the Crown Prince of Bayern's fiancee, claimed that her home country of Kildenree was planning war against Bayern, the King was determined to crush their supposed enemy with a preemptive strike. Lake Meginhard happened to be on the way to Kildenree, so he intended to kill two birds with one stone and hold his son's wedding to Princess Anidori while they made their way west to Kildenree. Consequently, the manor was heavily guarded.

A day or so before the wedding, word is sent that Princess Napralina-Victery of Kildenree is outside the manor gates with an escort, demanding to see the king of Bayern in order to pay her respects and witness the wedding of her older sister, Anidori. Once she is in the king's presence, she reveals that she is truly Anidori-Kiladra, and the woman who stole her name is Selia, her treacherous former lady-in-waiting. With the help of the manor's hidden corridor, Selia is proven to be a scheming liar.

The manor is soon a battlefield between the supporters of Selia and the real Anidori. After a brief-but-bloody battle, Selia is defeated and Anidori's side emerges victorious. Within days, Ani is brought to a council room where she swiftly dismisses all the "evidence" Selia provided of the war Kildenree was said to have been planning, is properly re-engaged to Geric, and attends a celebration for the end of a war before it even started.