Lady Dasha is the secondary protagonist of River Secrets. She is the daughter of Lord Kilcad, the Tiran ambassador to Bayern and is in a relationship with Razo and good friends with Ani, Enna, Finn, and Rinna.


When Dasha was six years old, her mother died. Her father was a busy assemblyman, so Dasha went to live with her grandfather in the country. He knew water-speaking and sensed that Dasha, too, was born with the language of water nestled deep inside her. He was delighted to have a companion in the art and taught her all he knew about "river fingers". Even so, he made sure his granddaughter knew the importance of secrecy, especially when she moved to Ingridan with her father when she was ten.

Three years later, she visited her grandfather and saw that he looked ill. She assumed that he had simply missed her, but one day she saw him sneaking away to the river and secretly followed him, expecting to catch him at some new water-speaking trick. Instead, he walked straight into the creek and let himself fall down into its depths. She chased after her grandfather but couldn't find him. She even ran into the water to listen, to sense images of where he may be, but the water could no longer detect a difference between him and itself. She later found his body downstream, drowned.

Knowing that the water may claim her in the same way, Dasha began searching for a way to prevent river fingers from consuming her. Her grandfather had collected books with any mention of water-speaking and one mentioned the kingdom of Yasid, home to fire-worshippers that could not only spark fire, but also call rain down from the clouds. The people of Yasid lived in harmony with fire and water, giving Dasha the idea to learn fire-speaking to balance out the voice of water. After the war between Bayern and Tira, the Bayern ambassador visited Ingridan accompanied by an escort. Dasha hoped that the Bayern fire-witch that had single-handedly turned the tide of battle against Tira would be among them, and so volunteered to be a liaison in order to befriend the fire-witch and learn fire-speaking.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Dasha has orange hair the color of rust, blue eyes, and is 'pleasant to look at', in Razo's opinion. She is slightly shorter than Razo, who himself is considerably short among his peers. Razo describes her ankles as a mite bony, but very pleasant nonetheless. Her smile makes her nose crinkle, "as if her whole face wants to be a part of it".

Abilities Edit

  • Dasha was taught water-speaking by her grandfather. She can:
    • Pluck drops of water from the moisture in the air.
    • Fill her hand with drinkable water from the moisture in the air.
    • Sense when it's going to rain and can sometimes call rain down from the clouds.
    • Push and pull a river to slosh over its banks.
    • Condense water from the moisture in the air and gather it into pools.
    • Form a fluid shield by clotting the water in the air around her.
    • Fill a person's nose and lungs with water, drowning them where they stand.
    • Sense things water has touched when she is underwater herself.
  • Enna teaches Dasha fire-speaking between the events of River Secrets and Forest Born. She can:
    • Sense heat from living things and pull it into a special place inside herself, forming it into fire.
    • Send fire into anything she chooses, from dead wood to sword hilts.
    • Suck the heat out of things, be it fire or people.
    • Send tiny bits of heat into people, warming them.

Quotes Edit

  • "My real concern right now, not an hour after someone tried to murder us in our sleep, is what you think about the perception skills of my countrymen."

Trivia Edit

  • In the Bayern Justice League, a tactic Shannon Hale used for character development, Dasha is considered to be Flash.

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